Aileen Lanuza (b. 1981) entered the University of the Philippines Diliman to study fine arts majoring in visual communication in 1999. Come 2008, she held her first one-man show and has been part of auctions and publications the same year. A prolific artist, Lanuza has shown works in different countries around Asia and Canada. She has also been awarded top prizes in art competitions, and at one point, her works were recognized by the Malacañan Palace. 

Aileen’s style has consistently focused on women and the female experience; from realistic Filipinianas and pop art homages, to impressionistic self-portraits and enigmatic figures, she invites her audience to contemplate the emotion and context of her subjects. She conveys the careful balance between stillness and strength – the inherent power of the feminine to be both soft and strong.
Often surrounded by flora, Aileen’s women stare straight into the viewer’s eyes. Depicting both tenderness and strength in one picture is what makes Lanuza one of the most sought after Filipino contemporary artists today.