Aljo expresses an exultation of spirit in his recent works. As a visual storyteller, he acknowledges infirmities yet provides focus on the positive side of these imperfections. A University of Sto. Tomas Graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in fine Arts, one can’t help but relate to his proverbial subjects, as infectious as his effervescent view of life is. Pingol’s use of themes and figurations take us through familiar territories where the silver lining — not the clouds are given emphasis.

Some of his works portray lovers in a concerted effort to unite against all odds. Pingol mesmerizes our gaze through his bright palette of colors in a dreamlike snapshot. Compositionally, we are drawn through a fluid path; by grace or commitment their devotion will prevail. Others works signifiy the true worth of friendship. Interestingly, Pingol metaphorically employs the carabao as another central character in many of his compositions. It culturally grounds as it illustrates the farmer’s reliance on this beast of burden to survive and lyrically suggests our own reliance to the bonds of kinship we have created through the years. Whichever outlook we choose, one thing is certain — there is one soul out there that we connect to.

Pingol, who has been the recipient of a number of awards such as 2nd Placer in the Nuclear Free Philippines Coalition Art Competition in 1989 and 1st Placer in the Far East Broadcasting Art Competition in 2002. He has also earned many distinctions, one of which was a nomination in 2007 as the Valenzuela Artist of the Year. His works, also internationally recognized, sold out at the November 2011 AAF in Singapore hosted by Galleria Nicolas. Pingol never fails to take his audience to an optimistic perspective of his journey. As a practicing visual artist for more than a decade, he translates the tales of his various experiences and encounters into this quest for satisfaction and calm. Surprisingly, it is not hard to share this path with him. He not only makes use of universal truths but he also ground his works by infusing a number of local details and motifs.
The artist’s robust representations are, indeed, a feast to the weary. Collectively, they provoke the viewer the zest within oneself. There is so much to live for, Aljo Pingol’s vibrantly painted canvases declare.

Taken from the Galerie Raphael website.