The ceramic and resin pieces of Ciane Xavier revel and rebel in pop. The disconnections are presented as full profiles of characters playing out plastic narratives. They are reproducible, verily, but it is through the choices of Xavier to compose, break down, and edit forms and contexts that we see a unique vision amidst the conveniences of the readymades.
The fragments of the form may be easily accessible by thought and by condition, but the wholeness of the form is one of a kind. The sculptures define compact scenarios, peripatetic and nonchalant situations (crouching, dragging, standing with arms raised span to span) and exude the atypicality of product assembly which seem to be incorrigible as one unit. As psychological markers, the sculptures may be considered as operating on the cute but are grounded on the notions of the unstable and the precarious.

Xavier (b.1987) hails from Brazil and has been a globe-trotter. Professionally she has studied interior design and eventually self-taught as a visual artist. Her paintings and sculptures depict multi-culturality and nuances of migration as they “explore the boundaries of today’s society, touching upon globalization and the distractions of the millennial era.” In Manila, she has had five solo exhibitions and was part of several group shows including international art fairs like Art Fair Philippines, Asia Now Paris, and Discovery Art Fair Frankfurt.