When he was a young boy, Gilbert Semillano was struck with a high fever. In a delirious state, the fever induced Caravaggian visions of grotesqueries and bizarre landscapes in an entirely different world that he never forgot. Recovering from that fever, Semillano has since grown up and gone on to become an all-encompassing creative. He has established a career as a Creative Director for Lowe Kuwait, as well as setting himself up as one of that country’s top DJs.

But Semillano never forgot that world he visited, launching a burgeoning visual art practice based on what he saw when he was a boy. By combining and blending the imagery with the sort of fast-paced populism of advertising, he has forged a oeuvre of the weirdly fantastic–reminiscent of the stop-motion films of Tim Burton. Now an international artist of growing stature, with exhibitions from established galleries in the Middle East, Semillano brings his unique brand of art to his hometown of Manila.