The difficult-to-control medium of watercolor forms the basis of Campa’s works. That she masters the medium is an extraordinary achievement in itself, showing her strong technical orientation. Campa prefers macro compositions, giving her audience a close-up of different personages, flora and fauna.

Indeed, it is characteristic of Isabel Campa, a mother of four children, to use nurturing themes in her compositions. After studying in the US, the intrepid painter later became an interior design consultant, studying at the Philippine School of Interior Design. Her flair for patterns also served her well in her training in watercolor under the renowned Carlos Ygoa and Johnny Ventosa. She continues to hone her practice through participation in the Monday Art Group, led by Roland Santos. Campa is particularly drawn to watercolor because of the medium’s ability to flow in transparency, creating highly nuanced and delicate works.

The vibrancy that is present in her oeuvre is a fantastic characteristic in her burgeoning career. Indeed, Campa’s grasp of the medium is a defining element of a practice that is sure to gain traction in the years ahead.