For 20 years, Julie Liger Belair has been making assemblage pieces and three-dimensional collages in found or handmade frames and boxes. She creates mixed media works using paint, wood, papier-mâché, polymer clay, metal and found objects. They feature the cabinet photos, finding that these, in of themselves, evoke imagined histories and feelings of nostalgia.  Their serious and stern faces provide an ironic counterpoint to the humor and levity that Belair attempts to inject into each of her pieces.

Belair has been exposed to visual arts at an early age, growing up with an artist mother and an architect father. Her education at the Ontario College of Art and Design, studying printmaking, photography, illustration and metal-smithing, has led her towards mixed media art, attempting to combine different disciplines in one coherent body of work. She has mounted various solo and group exhibitions in the USA, Germany, UK, and Canada.