Born in Puerto Princesa, Palawan in 1993, Lyndon Maglalang is no stranger to the appeal of landscapes abandoned and unpopulated. This chosen subject is already meditative on its own, but Maglalang, at times, paints a figure into the frame, sullying the inherent charm of dunes, grasslands, and mountains.

While they may seem as aberrations, these figures are what make Maglalang’s works all the more contemplative. These subjects draw you in to observe just as how they look at the horizon beyond them, undisturbed and all alone.

Pensive and calm, Maglalang’s works represents his contemplations and epiphanies in his artistic journey. Since he started exhibiting in 2016, he has been honing his skills and exploring new medium with every work. Since graduating from University of Rizal System – Angono Campus as an Advertising major, he has had multiple group shows in esteemed art spaces, such as the Cultural Center of the Philippines. An emerging collector’s favorite, Maglalang has also worked for five solo exhibitions since 2016.