(b.1977) Born and based in Bologna, Italy, Nunzio Paci exposes human flesh through anatomically accurate renderings in oil and graphite. His paintings of men and women, young and old, are reminiscent of illustrations found in Renaissance anatomy books, except in the intertwining of birds, flowers, and other organic matter into the dissected flesh.

Nunzio’s incredible mastery of anatomy and detail has acclaimed him various solo shows throughout Europe, and multiple group shows all over the world. With five residencies and grants since 2009 showcasing his works in Denmark, China, Sweden, Bosnia and Herzegovina, his recent residency in the Philippines under Galerie Stephanie further shaped his philosophy of human connection. In 2016 he was featured in the publication “Anatomy Rocks: Flesh and Bones in Contemporary Art” together with notable contemporary artists Mark Ryden and Damien Hirst.