Pablo K. Capati III’s (b. 1975) ceramic practice centres upon the rigorous and demanding method of wood firing. Using an anagama kiln that he constructed at his studio in San Jose, Philippines, Capati fires his works for a number of days so that the unglazed forms obtain their colour and texture from the flames and melted fly ash. His introduction to ceramics began in Japan where he lived as a teenager. In 1995, whilst studying Business at the University of Southern California, Capati returned to studying ceramics but it was not until some years later that he dedicated himself full-time to his artistic practice. In 2000, Capati established the San Jose Batangas Studio, where he continues to work on his own practice and undertake a regular program of workshops and activities for local and international ceramic artists and students. Capati has exhibited widely in his home country of the Philippines and has participated in group exhibitions in China, USA, Singapore, Thailand, and Australia.