Proceso born October 16, 1980 is a multi-talented artist whose specialty has been in contemporary dance performance and choreography. He was a senior company member of Airdance, a leading contemporary dance company in the Philippines before coming to Hong Kong. He has choreographed and performed for the first WiFi Body International Contemporary Dance Festival held at the cultural Center of the Philippines.

His interest in the visual arts started since he was young drawing portrait of friends and designing costumes for his choreographies. But it wasn’t until his father in-law, Renato Habulan, a renowned social realist artist and several artist friends encouraged him to take his painting seriously did he begin to seriously pursue a career in the visual arts. Being surrounded by artistic friends and family encouraged and influenced him to embark on another medium of expression besides dance. He took a short course on portraiture at the Hong Kong Arts School in 2008 to further enhance his natural talent.

He uses oil on canvas as his favored medium at the moment. His images are mostly dance related, still making use of the body, movement, and gesture to create an imagery or idea as he is used to doing when he is dancing. Pleasure, emotions evoked in dance is now captured in his canvass giving movement and the body a new dimension and perspective. His choreographies are now created on his canvas.