Originally hailing from the Philippines, Johnrey Quiban (b. 1985) is an architect and self-taught mood landscape artist based in Singapore. He is inspired by the stillness of nature and the imperfections of life.

Quiban’s journey led him to embark on a new chapter in 2012 when he relocated to Singapore in pursuit of enhancing his career. Amid the challenges of adapting to a foreign environment, he found solace and creative release through painting, and, facing uncertainty during trying times, his art became a profound outlet to explore the depths of his unspoken emotions.

Central to his artistic vision is the intention to acknowledge the trials and triumphs of life’s course. Quiban’s distinctive technique, expert use of color, and skillful manipulation of texture converge to breathe life into his interpretations. His creations stand as tangible testaments to the uniqueness of individual experiences, complex emotions, and distant yet cherished memories.