Through marrying expressionist and realist techniques, Vincent de Pio (b. 1979) gives his interpretation of Japanese motifs a unique personal vision. More than being fascinated by Japan’s rich pop culture, he is also fascinated by the image of the past and the present, placing geishas and warriors in movie-like contemporary settings.

The son of renowned realist painter, Gig de Pio, Vincent separates himself from his father and other contemporaries with this deep dive into Japanese history and tradition. An artist who has been active in the art scene since 2001, de Pio first started painting musicians as his subjects, but recently took interest in Japanese imageries after realizing how much of this foreign culture has permeated the country.

A holder of Bachelor of Fine Arts (Major in Painting), de Pio is one of the most sought-after artists of his generation, having exhibited at Art Fair Philippines, Art Stage Jakarta, Singapore Biennale, and Art Kaohsiung; as well as being an auction favorite in Hong Kong and Singapore. He has participated in over 20 group exhibitions here and abroad.