Kuta Artists Group mounts its debut show at Galerie Stephanie, titled “Another Foot Forward”. Shifting trajectories and perspectives brought about by the ongoing pandemic, the Angono-based group continues to make their mark in the local art scene.

This exhibition will feature the works of Christian Carillaza, Elvira Dulce Santos, Kathleen Gobasco, Cezar Cardel Jr., Siefred Guilaran, Jerline Sunga, Azriel Domingo, Jonas Miguel Arlegui, Mark Francisco, Franz Marion Vocalan, Dzen Salinga, Carlmel Barnard Belda, Gretel Balajadia,Aui Suarez, Cresila Guilaran, John Loyd Benz de Leon, Eugene Dominguez, Rommel Gonzales, Nea de Leon, Lyndon Maglalang, and Isidro “Manong Jon” Santos.

“Kuta” is a Filipino term which means “hangout, refuge or stronghold”. For the KUTA Artists Group of Angono, Rizal which is now celebrating its 10th year, the term has both spatial and relational significations. Isidro “Manong Jon” Santos, one of the group’s most senior and founding members, explained that KUTA was established to remind them that there was no reason to stop doing art. It was also Angono artist Carlos “Totong” Francisco II’s playful and friendly exchange of teasing remarks that unwittingly helped the group found its name.
Another Foot Forward is KUTA’s 29th group exhibition.

to view the exhibition catalogue, click here.