(b. 1980) A graduate of Graphic Arts from the Indonesian Art Institute, Yogyakarta-based Anton often favors acrylic with graphite but has also produced etched prints and drawings. His flexible technique allows him to tackle subjects ranging from rearing a family to consumerism to the endless daily grind. It is the latter that won him the prestigious United Overseas Bank (UOB) Painting of the Year award with his acrylic and graphite painting Old Stock, Fresh Menu. Its imagery is consistent with Anton’s sure-footed signature style – an eclectic mix of images done in graphite set against a layer of acrylic, accented by shining line work creatures that seem to hover above. The recurring character is a falcon-headed human, a depiction of Horus, the Egyptian god of the sky, war, and hunting; the eye of whom was said to ward off evil and ensure safe travel. In this way, Anton weaves each canvas into a sort of prayer for empathy and mutual respect to override the empty material desires of the everyday.

Undeniably, there are strong parallels between Filipino and Indonesian art; their art histories both planted from seeds of Western colonization, hegemony, and subsequent authoritarian governments. But simultaneously, the contemporary is colored by endemic local religion, philosophy, and worldview. This mix allows Anton to convey somber messages in playful ways, to throw daily drudgery into a wok and serve up something that speaks its message across national borders.