Cru Camara is a 24 year old photographer who studied in the School of Visual Arts in New York City from 2013-2015 and is now based in Manila, Philippines. Her work revolves around her fascination with color and the idea of stretching reality in photographs by turning the organic into splices of a lush, unrecognizable world of color. Cru’s images mess with reality. They explode with vibrant, pastel and neon colors and explore the limits of contrast and shadow. With an eye for composition and an intrinsic ability to perceive beauty, she visualizes opportunity where others see shrubbery, and spots inspiration where we see puddles of water. Chasing a creative career swathed in irony, it is this very search for the mundane that keeps Cru and her whimsical oeuvre detached from convention.

Her work has been featured in numerous publications and websites around the world, such as Der Greif, Boooooom, Aint-Bad, and Trendland, and exhibited in numerous galleries and locations around Manila. Her client list includes international publications such as Fast Company (New York, USA), Neon Magazine (Germany), Chroma Magazine (UK), as well as companies such as Christian Louboutin and Urban Outfitters.

(From Artists & Co. Manila)