(b. 1980) Hae Ryun was born in Ulsan, an industrial city in South Korea. A graduate from Daegu University majoring in fashion design, Hae Ryun moved to Seoul at the age of 23 and got a job as a fashion designer. In the midst of living alone in the metropolis, and in the throes of internal conflict, Hae Ryun has eventually decided to venture in visual arts. At the age of 28, she took up contemporary art at Konkuk University.

In 2015, Hae Ryun was selected as a resident artist at the 2015 Ottchil Art Museum Residence, Tongyeong and delved into Korean Ottchil painting.

The visual eloquence of Hae Ryun’s body of work is clearly seen through her breathtaking sceneries, infused with various psychological elements. Over the course of her decade-long artistic practice, each painting has effortlessly invited the viewer to delve deeper, examining the landscapes within each person’s mind. Aside from painting, she is also adept in installation and conceptual art, and has participated in over 20 group shows in Korea, China, and Vietnam.