Gifted with an eye for attention to detail, Hideo Tanaka (b. 1959) paints his subjects accurately and true to life, albeit often set in a surreal world. Most of his figurative paintings have women perched on electric posts and traffic lights, contemplating as if they are on the precipice of an epiphany. In marrying realism and surrealism, however, Tanaka’s works do not promptly elicit wonder. Rendered in muted palette and bare composition, his paintings kindle nostalgia instead, inviting viewers to also pause and reflect. Tanaka brings forth the same sentimentality even in his still lifes.

Tanaka has received numerous awards for his works. Among his accolades are Chelsea International Fine Art Competition (2015), the 5th Biennale Citizen Prize Winner (2014), and the 99th Spring Yang Exhibition Chunyang-kai Award (2011). Based in Tokyo, Tanaka has also participated in exhibits abroad.