Formally trained as an architect, Jomike Tejido (b.1982) is adept at manipulating the pictorial plane through abstraction. Using geometric shapes and rhythmically alternating between different vibrant colors and textures, Tejido creates imaginary worlds that appear alive, as though they are sticking out of the canvas. Finding such spirit in his works no longer comes as a surprise, after having written and illustrated over 100 children’s books, Tejido paints as a child sees the world—with great sense of wonder and awe. 


Working across different media, Tejido maintains this childlike curiosity in his other artistic pursuits. In 2020, he began making puzzle-like sculptures, inviting the viewer to explore the various forms that can be created by rearranging each piece. 


For his works on canvas and sculpture, Tejido has received numerous awards and grants, including being shortlisted for the Sculpture Category in the Philippine Art Awards in 2020. As a writer and illustrator, he has worked on children’s books for publishers abroad, among his clients were Scholastic NYC and Little & Brown Books USA. He has also exhibited his works in various local art spaces and in galleries in France and Japan.