The works of Mr. S (b. 1990) are steeped in the world of fantasy. Complete with a dreamlike environment and wide-eyed characters, he is not only technically skilled, but also gifted with the vision to construct imaginary, bordering on surreal, scenes. His characters can often be found on an adventure, accompanied by larger-than-life creatures. Such talent in world-building and character design only comes natural for Mr. S, who did works in video and film before becoming a visual artist.

Since participating in art exhibitions in 2015, Mr. S has been gaining a massive following online and on ground, earning the moniker “Mister Sasquatch” in the local art scene, for one. His paintings and illustrations are also beginning to gain traction internationally, having exhibited his works in Taiwan, China, and the United Kingdom. He has had four solo exhibitions, and has been part of art fairs and group shows in the country and abroad.