(b. 1991) Strongly figurative and unapologetically expressionist, Noor Bahjat often places herself as her works’ central persona around which heavily loaded symbols, collages, and illustrations swarm about. Drawing technique and inspiration from postwar artists like Lucian Freud and Paula Rego, Noor reshapes the view on reality not just in its glorified nudity, but also in its powerful, suggestive feats. Her brush conjured revulsions so real, they eventually disperse into the viewer’s mind as enigmatic beauty.


Bahjat lives and works in the United Arab Emirates. She studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Damascus from which she graduated with honors. Her works are housed in public and private collections throughout the Middle East, Asia and Europe. She has held solo and group exhibitions in Ayyam Gallery, Dubai (2019, 2015); Atassi foundation, Dubai (2019); Ward Gallery, Dubai (2019); Galerie Stephanie, Manila (2018, 2016); Art Space DA:MDAA, Seoul (2017); Maraya Art Centre, Sharjah (2017); and Gli Acrobati Gallery, Turin (2017).