Reybert Ramos (Philippines)
(b. 1981) Reybert Ramos’ path to an artistic career has already found light in his early years. Having attended Philippine High School of the Arts, and eventually earned a degree in Fine Arts in the University of the Philippines, Reybert has grown into a promising contemporary conceptual visual artist today.

His long-standing profession as an art director in one of the biggest television companies in the country further influenced his art. It is evident that pop culture and mass media has affected the subjects and concepts of his works. However, despite the pop surrealist ambience, his craft is no less classical and reality-driven in execution. He is able to display extensive naturalist efforts, capturing the essence of being of his subjects—dogs being a popular one—and accentuating them with his creative philosophies. This then illuminates his works to not just be seen as a mere product of careful brushstrokes, but of viewpoints that continuously attack mediocrity.