(b. 1990) Indonesian pop surrealist Roby Dwi Antono is known for his rich, smooth, color-infused brushstrokes depicting a myriad of symbolic icons from rabbits and little girls to sentai superheroes and marine species. Initially inspired by the famous surrealist couple Ryden and Peck, Roby’s works evoke pulsating emotional depths, fusing the aesthetics of Surrealism and Classical Renaissance imagery to create a contemporary juxtaposition that’s all his own.

In 2016, Galerie Stephanie collaborated with Roby’s resident Indonesian gallery Srisasanti Syndicate for his Philippine debut, the solo exhibition “Southern Monster, Northern Child.” Since then, Roby has been a mainstay in the Galerie Stephanie roster, participating in Art Fair Tokyo (2016, 2018), Art Fair Philippines (2017, 2018), a two-man exhibition “Criminal Lullabies” with Maxine Syjuco, and the recent edition of Discovery Art Fair Frankfurt with Ciane Xavier and Dexter Sy. He has participated in various group exhibitions in the Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, US, UK, and Australia.