The evolution of Sarah Geneblazo’s (b. 1989) body of work tracks her journey through artistic therapeutic healing, her paintings serving as outlet for childhood sexual trauma. Since her first solo exhibition “Escape” at West Gallery in 2012, Sarah has been depicting pensive scenes of women – often using herself as model – free falling in dark hallways, in repose amidst nature, lost in vast greenery, or physically absent yet implied. Her canvases are austere and burdensome, carrying as if a cathartic breath suspended through frozen time.

A graduate of the University of the Philippines majoring in Visual Communication, Sarah Geneblazo began her artistic journey at the young age of 14, joining group exhibitions and winning on-the-spot painting competitions in Angono. Since 2009, she has joined exhibitions at Boston Gallery, Finale Art File, Secret Fresh, West Gallery, Ysobel Art Gallery, and Galerie Stephanie; as well as exhibiting at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, Vargas Museum, and Kogure Gallery in Tokyo. Japan.