Paulina Luz Sotto’s first solo exhibition with Galerie Stephanie brings to the fore the use of lines and geometric shapes in navigating through different iterations of beauty in simplicity. Influenced by minimalism and abstraction, Sotto renders depictions of people, nature, and sceneries where we can be reminded of beauty amid the unpredictability of the present times. Titled, “Alleviating Through Fine Lines”, Sotto’s exhibition illustrates horizons as representations of a hidden future that might finally bring us light.

Interchanging subdued and vibrant colors, Sotto’s practice places an emphasis on how spaces are filled and defined. The position of markings and lines are calculated and centers on the agenda of highlighting a certain mood from the work. The sensitivity to the environment is seen through paintings like “Early Morning” and “Where the Wind Blows” — these works point us to a familiar setting of examining the sun as it hovers above us all while we complete our day-to-day task.

In “Sight & Sound”, “Behind Closed Doors”, and “Stay Close”, Sotto hints at the transformation of human relationships while in the middle of a pandemic and our proximity to a person could lead them to harm’s way. However, Sotto focuses on the intimacy and joy of being with another person and connecting to different people. Meanwhile, her “Gridlock” series is an introspection of spaces and the objects or forms that contain them. The idea of becoming trapped inside a place where there seems to be no exit or other way out is similar to our experience under community quarantines and lockdowns to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. The artist’s reflection of how spaces affect our being is also explored in “Seven” and “Dotted Lines”.

In works like “Flowers” and “Portraits” Sotto brings our gaze to focus on these illustrations of lone subjects; the clamor for connection during these times is fundamental, one that we must never forget how to accomplish.

curated by Gwen Bautista


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