Galerie Stephanie proudly presents Breathing New Life, a three-man exhibit by hyperrealist artists Emman Acasio, Kiko Capile and Nunzio Paci. As the exhibit narrates the cycle of life, its origins, the beauty of its transitions, it likewise showcases the ingenious styles of the three when it comes to glorifying both the restoration and deterioration of life.

The artworks’ motifs touch a surreal and grotesque atmosphere as physiological attributes of various flora, fauna and humans combine into a seemingly coherent story of how new life can breathe out from unexpected places. This rebirth of sorts complements personal evolutions in the artists’ works themselves as Acasio, adept to this hybrid of beings, explores abstractions amidst his realistic characters. Capile likewise produces artworks in a bigger space compared to usual medium-sized surfaces, as Paci introduces avian elements into his works with feathers and beaks gracing his flesh and bone-baring subjects.

Emman Acasio graduated cum laude from the University of Santo Tomas, majoring in Fine Arts. After working full-time as an Art Director in Singapore, Emman returned to the Philippines to pursue his passion for the arts as a full time painter.

Like Emman, Kiko Capile recently committed himself full time into his art-making. A graduate of the Technological University of the Philippines, Kiko has steadily amassed a significant social media following with his stunningly intricate pen on paper artworks that straddle the line between exquisite and macabre. His signature motifs involve a human figure breaking apart to reveal an inner monstrosity, or intimately twined in a torturous tangle of swirling, unfurling miasma made flesh.

This kind of style is reminiscent to that Nunzio Paci’s (b. 1977) paintings and drawings as well. Known for his depictions of anatomically correct flesh, bone, and viscera, Nunzio departs from his usual style with a new series that recalls the ecstatic religious paintings of the Italian golden age. He is based in Bologna, Italy, as is currently in a residency in Hong Kong.

Breathing New Life will have its opening reception on September 21, Saturday, 6PM, at Galerie Stephanie which is located at the 4th floor East Wing of Shangri-La Plaza, Mandaluyong. It will be up for view until October 5, 2019. For inquiries, kindly email or call +6329405726.

Notes by Grace Micah Oreiro