Eugenia ALCAIDE, Vincent DINOSO, and Madonna MORTERA tease out manifold meanings in the depiction of the human form in the three-artist exhibition entitled “Complex ConFIGURATIONS”. Using the body as the locus of exploration, Alcaide, Dinoso, and Mortera, through careful emphasis of the body, explore the complexities of identity, implicit histories, and shared humanity.

Using thread as her medium over translucent gauze, Eugenia Alcaide focuses on the face.  Relying on it as the most powerful expression of our unique identity, by doubling it in layers, Alcaide works on the ideas of facets, fractures, and other manner of complexities that question the idea of singularity.

Vincent Dinoso’s ink drawings of fragmented classical Greco-Roman statuaries imply the idea of perfection, beauty, and wholeness; which erosion, the passage of time, history, and loss simply could not destroy.  Despite fragments, Dinoso engages imagination to see beyond what is presented, and reconstruct what may have been lost.

 Madonna Mortera’s distorted bodies question common assumptions on the differences between gender, and the constructs we make about what is ideal in relation to what is real.  Removing the face, sexual attributes, and distinguishing marks; she reveals the shared design of corporeality we all possess, seemingly implying our common humanity that lies beyond the skin.

notes by Ricky Francisco