The floating world is one of the popular artistic idealisms that originated in Japan. Its sensuous and self-reflective connotations have created a paradoxical niche of being detached through attachments. Its pleasure-induced themes often had beautiful women and brusque men gracing the prints, further adorned with scenes of luxury and of utopic lifestyle.

In its second participation in the Art Fair Tokyo, Galerie Stephanie presents the floating world as a reshaped ideal. From the minds of the two fast-rising visual artists, Roby Dwi Antono from Indonesia and Kara de Dios from Philippines, it is translated into a contemporary aesthetic that manifests humanity’s constant search for the sustenance of their desires and a journey towards internal comfort.

In Kara’s works, she places “submerged” ceramic women that portrays ubiquity of existence—the seen and the unseen. Kara shares, “This state of being half-underneath and half-above can have two qualities: a calming one, like a warm bath, and an anxious one, like being lost and disoriented in the middle of a sea.” Her additional series of acrylic canvas and five paper artworks further immersed on the idea of “half-existence”, depicting a metaphorical loss or unawareness of one’s sense of self when basking in the delights of the floating world.

Roby Dwi, on the other hand, complements with artworks that present balance between chaos and peace—a dichotomy of emotions that exist within the two realms. All his works on canvas and some works on paper portray several sea creatures that represent the floating state. Matched with human internal organs, Roby expresses the need and desire for rhythm, balance, and harmony in order to achieve a peaceful state.Though both serene in stature, the artworks presented by Kara and Roby Dwi aim to leave a heavy feeling to their audience, immersing them in a reflective state on what their personal floating worlds are made of.


2回目の参加となるアートフェア東京において、ギャラリー・ステファニーは新たなとらえ方をした浮世絵を世に示した。急激に頭角を露わし出している2人のビジュアルアーティスト、インドネシア出身のRoby Dwi Antono(ロビー・ドイ・アントノー)とフィリピン出身のKara de Dios(カラ・デ・ディオス)の思想は、現代的な美的価値観と言い換えることができるであろう。生きることに対する人々の願望、内面の満足の絶え間ない追求を明らかにしているのである。


一方で、Roby Dwiは混沌と平和という俗世のバランスを作品に描き出しており、二つの領域に存在する二分された感情を描く。キャンバスに見る彼のすべての作品と、紙に描いた数作品には、浮き世を思わせるいくつかの海の生き物たちが描かれている。Robyは人の体内の臓物とともに、リズムやバランス、調和に対する欲求や願望を表現している。

両者とも穏やかな面持ちであるが、KaraとRoby Dwiによる作品は、見る人に深い感情を抱かせることを意図しており、人々を、個々人の浮き世が何たるか、という深い思慮の世界に誘っている。