Sculpture is a delicate art-form that demands from the artist not only a keen mind capable of layered conceptualization, but also a high level of technical aptitude.

Throughout history, the skill of the sculptor has been held in high esteem by many societies, often reserving their works for grand monuments. The figurations and forms used, be they pure abstractions or representational, are captured as if frozen in a moment. This melding of an artistic concept with the media of metals or found objects is brazen, bold, and fit for elevated critical evaluation, appeal, and discourse.

Recognizing this, Galerie Stephanie will be holding an exhibition entitled “Forms and Figures,” from October 24 to November 6, 2011, which celebrates the sculptural works of renowned masters and contemporary sculptors. Blending different perspectives and interpative glances at an inherently tactile and multilayered art-form, the exhibition features the works of the likes of distinguished artist Ramon Orlina, Juvenal Sanso, Michael Cacnio, and Daniel Dela Cruz with up-and-coming contemporary artists Gil Corcuera, Glenn Cagandahan, Carlo Magno, Lirio Salvador, and Jinggoy Salcedo. With this exciting line-up, the exhibition promises to be an excellent survey into the art community’s top sculptors. This will also be the first time Galerie Stephanie will be hosting an all-sculpture exhibition.

“Form and Figures” demonstrates the richness of talent in today’s top sculptures. Ramon Orlina certainly needs no introduction. His renowned green glass sculptures are highly sought after and he recently garnered much praise for his contribution to the Quadricentennial celebrations of the University of Santo Tomas—the Quattromondial. He also started working with other media, including cobalt and various other colors for his glass. Michael Cacnio is the country’s preeminent brass sculptor and a Ten Outstanding Young Men Awardee. On display will be works from his characteristic “Kite” and “Taho Vendor” series. Daniel Dela Cruz is a master sculpture known for his elegant feminine figurations in brass and bronze. Linking the sophistication of dance compositions with musical instruments, Dela Cruz creates chic surrealist environments with his works.

Lirio Salvador works with faux-representations of found objects in a cacophony sculptural style that utterly delights. Carlo Magno, on the other hand, celebrates pure abstraction in his internationalist works. The forms and shapes used reveal a cerebral, yet playful, style that is in demand.

“Forms and Figures” promises to be one of the can’t-miss art exhibitions this year. Anyone with a passing interest in contemporary sculpture would do well to visit.