A collection of drawings and works on paper by master and contemporary artists. Entitled Fundamentals 2.0, we’re celebrating the raw expression when artist encounters material afresh. This exhibition is a perfect starting point for new collectors, or a happy find for collectors looking for works on paper.

Fundamentals 2.0 will feature works by Federico Alcuaz, Angelito Antonio, Raul Lebajo, Juvenal Sanso, Roby Dwi Antono, Noor Bahjat, Don Bryan Bunag, Vincent de Pio, Kara de Dios, JC Halaga, Meghan Geliza, Francis Nacion, Carlo Ongchangco, Katrina Pallon’s, Marvin Quizon, Kevin Roque, Brent Sabas, Anton Subiyanto, Migs Villanueva, and Rom Villaseran.