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Filipino painter Rom Villaseran is currently one of the fastest-rising contemporary artists in South East Asia. His extraordinary skill and highly-conceptual works garnered a lot of attention from collectors and critics at the recent Art Stage Singapore. This active artist does not only dwell in the fine arts but dabbles in the realms of book design, music album design for premier Philippine rock bands, as well as other media material. His works, with their uncanny commonalities with 20th century arts such as Surrealism, combine classical strength with more dynamic realities. Using improvisation and contingency, he constructs vivid and realistic worlds, transforming splashed acrylic paint into intricate flora, fauna, and landscapes. Various images dwell in each work; delicate life forms are boldly molded together to conceive of new existences for the viewer. With his love for family and nature, Villaseran creates art that heals and stimulates the soul.

This personal exhibition will present about 30 artworks. They include massive paintings that are nearly two meters wide as well as box-shaped illuminated art pieces. Nowadays, Asian arts attract international attention. Rom Villaseran is also a spirited artist who is expected to succeed worldwide. This upcoming exhibition is his second in Japan; following the first one held in Art Fair Tokyo last March of this year.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to delve into the intricate and inspiring universe of Rom Villaseran’s art. It will surely pull you beneath the pond water and into the alternative dimension of your own memories and existence.

Hardin Sa Lawa opens November 14 and runs until November 28 at the Kashima Arts Gallery, 3-3-2 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku Tokyo, Japan. Gallery hours are from 11:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.

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