Inherited Landscapes Poster (Galerie Stephanie)

A Photography Exhibition

When we talk about the power of photography, there will always be a cliché for every word that a picture paints. At their core, photographs are a means to document reality, but beyond that they are able to carry almost every conceivable emotion known to man in the pursuit of beauty (or lack thereof). As an art form, it explores a spectrum that encompasses the search for significant moments/forms and actually finding significance in every form or moment. Each photograph is an imprint of time and space, a lasting monologue through surrogate eyes.

In this exhibition curated by Ian Carlos Jaucian, we examine nature—our inherited landscape—through the lenses of seven artists. Though fragmented, perhaps these narratives are no more divided than the earth and sky that the horizon splits apart. There are undertones of a greater ecology, which are only as intentional as a civilization’s footprints on its environment. In this collection of works, we see human intervention in various levels: as fleeting and subtle as a jet plane yawning across the sky, as tangible as concrete jungles or as out-of-mind as mining remnants. Swaying from captured moments of serenity and desolation, perhaps partially indulging in the beauty of being an observer is its own reward and penance.

Featuring the works of Ronald Matanguihan, Maryanne Mendoza, Buck Pago, Rob Reyes, Mark Saludes, Tim Serrano, and Jay Yao. Exhibit runs August 1-14, 2015 at Galerie Stephanie, Unit 1B 183 Parc Plaza Bldg., E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue, Quezon City.

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