poster-web-large-IG-e1439769985482Galerie Stephanie presents the first international solo exhibition of Oregon-based, American visual artist Morgan Rosskopf Let Me Love and Steal on November 9, 2018. For four years, the gallery has been inviting foreign artists to exhibit as part of its advocacy of creating bridges between various multicultural and interdisciplinary art practices. This enabled them to introduce artists Nunzio Paci (Italy), Imam Santoso (Indonesia), Roby Dwi Antono (Indonesia), Noor Bahjat (Syria), Cristina Gamon (Spain), among others, to the local art scene.

Rosskopf, who describes herself as a “visual hunter-gatherer”, intuitively juxtaposes images she has collected from different contexts to create intricate, multi-layered artworks exploring themes of and metaphors for love, vulnerability, dissonance, anxiety, and other complex, and often, conflicting emotions. Utilizing cutting, drawing, printmaking, and collaging, Rosskopf creates visually arresting works which successfully contrast vibrant color with negative space, bearing the hope that nuanced meaning can be synthesized from the visual palimpsest by each individual viewer. Rosskopf, who received her MFA in Fine Arts from the University of Oregon in 2013 shares that “because there is no objective referent of comparison for these emotions, we are left to describe them using metaphor, making this area of language very fluid and difficult to pin down. I am particularly interested in illustrating how we tell the story of our lives to ourselves and how we inadvertently live by the metaphors we create. Our internal monologues hold great power; they shape our reality and reshape our memories, consolidating experiences, thoughts, dreams, and emotions into a somehow unified psychology.”

Alongside her interdisciplinary studio practice, Rosskopf works as a floral designer, and served as Creative Director of Colibri. Coincidentally, the exhibit, “Let Me Love and Steal” shares its title with a work by musician and producer Avalon Emerson, who creates tracks comparable to Rosskopf’s art, in the sense that both use and layer existing material to create something intricate, rhythmic, and mesmeric.

Morgan Rosskopf’s “Let Me Love and Steal” will open on November 9, 6pm, at Galerie Stephanie, Level 4 East Wing, Shangri-La Plaza. It will run through November 25, 2018. For inquiries, please call 940 5726 or email