Raul Isidro’s brush strokes are sweeping, his colors coruscating across kaleidoscopes of texture and form. A native of Samar, the artist is no stranger to bucolic vistas, evident in his mastery of rendering idyllic scenes. From the gentle patterns of petals and fronds to the craggy edges of rock-like formations, Isidro’s paintings capture the essence of the natural landscape in all its complexity and majesty. Whether the crepuscular hues that greet us at the day’s end or the brilliant glow of high summer, the artist draws on the beauty of all of nature’s timelessness.

But beyond their sheer visual impact, Isidro’s paintings also offer a powerful reminder of the interconnectedness of all things in the natural world. Each piece is infused with a sense of energy and movement that speaks to the constant ebb and flow of life, and the delicate balance that exists between all living beings and their environment. Having recently celebrated 80 years of life, Isidro looks to the clarity and permanence of nature’s beauty as a guide for living.

The textures and shapes within each painting seem to dance and flow, evoking the ever-changing landscape of our surroundings as we ourselves grow older and undergo changes. Through the fluidity and dynamism of his brushstrokes, the artist captures the rhythms and patterns of shifting seasons that touch our everyday. Each piece is a celebration of the natural world and the tender passage of time, a reminder of its boundless beauty and how life coruscates with every moment.

Text by Gabrielle Gonzales