Monsters and mythic beasts have been created and sustained by the collective consciousness of different cultures since the dawn of humanity. Standing in for the unexplained, these monsters have often been the projections of people’s fears, doubts, taboos, or unacceptable desires. Monsters served a social purpose as a warning, as a deterrent, as a safe channel. In Monster’s Ball, young artists Bby Evil, Cabnov, and Carlo Modelo create their own monsters in relation to contemporary life, where society has explained almost all external phenomena, and fear is now mostly internalized in relation to self, other, and society. Using cute, mythical monsters as metaphors to project their musings, artists Bby Evil, Cabnov, and Carlo Modelo let loose their innermost feelings, and have a ball with them.

In Monster’s Ball, we see what we often try to push down or ignore, imaged in vibrant and pastel colors. Wrapped in cuteness, we realize that we are not alone with our fears, and that they are not as threatening as we think them out to be.

curated by Ricky Francisco