The permanence of change is an intriguing concept. It relates to the essence of being, and how we relate to the swirling revolutions that surround us. This essential irony, the tension between two opposite considerations, is ripe for meditative and thought-provoking adventures in visual arts.

Faico explores the possibilities of interpretation. His use of two underlying metaphors to depict resoluteness amid the swirl of change – the pearl and Chinese calligraphy – brings forth a fascinating perspective of his grasp of a complex idea.

The movement of his paintings is enhanced by the bold use of heavy textures and illustrate his capability to capture the essence of elegance and depict it in in an the essence of change and depict this. “I love textures and movements,” Faico shares. “It teaches me that, no matter how nice something is, it can change. And I want it to change.”

The use of the metaphors anchor the ramapant swirls of change. The pearl is an obvious motif—culled from Faico’s background in jewellery design. The tranquillity within its usage is a fitting contrast to the swirls and textures of the surrounding void, with the startling juxtapositions of color and space. Textured homages to Chinese calligraphy in other works in the series only enhance this sense of peace.

Faico did not have to venture far for inspiration. The formation process of a pearl, in itself, provided the background to the representation of the void. Pearls are formed in swirls and pearl farmers often rotate oysters . Faico’s own Zen garden also provided influence—the patience and self-discipline needed to cultivate what is inherently a changing environment is omnipresent in his works.

True his own nature, Faico will be taking a different direction after this show. And this itself shows he embodies the permanence of change.