To understand the paths of light is to become more familiar with the world we live in. Light travels as waves, and its direction can shift based on space and source. In this exhibition, Jomike Tejido and Pepe Delfin present a series of works that draw from how they encounter light.

In Tejido’s work, a series of paintings assembled like a color chart embodies the artists’ observation of how light intervenes in the color of the sky and how it is defined. From dusk until dawn, the multi-colored hues presented in Tejido’s work claim the way light occupies a particular time of the day in a specific space we inhabit. Thus, the inspection of the often-overlooked elements influences how we live. Meanwhile, Delfin’s works present paintings that encapsulate mood and emotion materialized through the changes in color temperature and concentration, which produce shapes and forms that seem to be housed inside vignettes. “Prismal Paths” is a dialogue by two artists who use colors and geometry to depict life around them.

Jomike Tejido (b. 1982) merges his background as an architect and as an illustrator in creating works that explore perception through materiality, forms, color, and medium. His works are heavily influenced by abstract schools, particularly the Bauhaus movement, which was influential in modernist architecture and design. Tejido received his degree in Architecture from the University of Santo Tomas and was a finalist at the AAP Semi-annual Abstract Art Competition (2016); Maningning Miclat Painting Competition (2006); and Shell National Students Art Competition (Sculpture, 2002). His works have been exhibited extensively in art stages and institutions such as the UP Vargas Museum and the Cultural Center of the Philippines; and in exhibitions abroad, such as France, Japan, and the USA.

Pepe Delfin (b. 1991, Capiz) explores abstract forms through geometric shapes and lines. The careful placements of these elements produce visual narratives of Delfin’s experiences, observations, and relationships with people and contemporary life. Her paintings, illustrations, and video installations include scenarios that depict solitude and the multitude of expressions through bright colors and structures. Delfin received her degree in Fine Arts from Ateneo de Manila University.

curated by Gwen Bautista