Most landscape paintings depict either scenes of nature–mountain ranges, fjords, valleys, glens, seascapes, idyllic fields, or coasts. This probes viewers an initial wonder beyond the resonance of the atmosphere projected in the landscape and the geography of the painting itself. The subject of location harbors a yearning to feel what the artist felt during the process and a desire to feel the passion derived from nature’s beauty itself. In Bridget Co’s solo show entitled Vibration, these landscapes are drawn not from a physical place, but a feeling drawn from these places.

Manila based artist Bridget Co translates nature’s raw beauty into a palette of impressionistic landscapes as they traverse through the lush, the glacial, and the coastal vitalities. Inspired by the energies that manifest life and its creations, Co articulates ideas of healing, serenity, fervor, and power as the panoramas of the living.

Vibration empowers its audience and gives contemporaneous energy that the artist herself holds, being a proactive entrepreneur. Her multi-layered pieces align themselves in an enigmatic flux of colors and artistic emotion as if altogether creating a utopic connection of man and nature.

notes by Grace Micah Oreiro