In “Better than Sex: Confessions of a Political Junkie” author Hunter Thompson coined the the term Generation Z as early as 1994, when he said that “Generation X got off easy compared to the hideous fate of the poor bastards in Generation Z. They will be like steerage passengers on the S.S. Titanic, trapped in the watery bowels of a sinking ‘unsinkable ship.’ ” Seemingly prophetic, it describes the legacy of a world gone awry, and the unfortunate lot of the young people of today, who inherit a planet out of balance, capable of producing something as radical as COVID-19.

The COVID-19 pandemic has effectively challenged our life ways. It has wreaked havoc on our economies, exposed the weaknesses created by social stratification, and challenged notions of nations and borders. More than this, the very basic social ties that are the foundations of our societies and human contact, are subverted by it. We have been thrust into a world that is drastically different from what we all are accustomed to.

VISIONS AT THE TURN is an exhibition of Gen Z artists Maverick Abac, Gelo Cinco, DanCho, Georgina Pomarejos, and Xjin. Mentored by visual artist Anton del Castillo, they provide insight into their personal preoccupations as budding artists critically aware of the world they are in, as well as into their personal COVID-19 experience. Their works are a barometer of our world, as we turn to our next chapter.

curated by Ricky Francisco


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