(b. 1987) Cristina Gamón lives and works in Madrid. Working mainly with acrylic pigment and paint on transparent acrylic sheets, Cristina treats this surface as a medium for expression, as a transparent window through which we peer into a section of the world, and as proscenium whose edges keep sight in place. Her otherworldly abstract paintings allude to familiar painterly vicinities of landscapes, or fields seen from a bird’s point of view, or even microscopic documentations of made-up environments, while being aware of abstraction as a worldview affected by conceptual and current ingestion of histories of art.

Cristina has participated in solo and group shows in Spain, France, United States, and England. She has participated in international fairs such as Art Fair Philippines 2018, Context New York in 2017 and 2018, Context Miami, and Estampa International Art Fair in Madrid. She has garnered numerous recognitions including the National Painting Prize Queen Sofía in 2016, Resident Artist Member at Casa Velázquez Académie de France à Madrid 2012-14, and Gold Medal in the National Painting Award BMW in 2011.