Born in 1984 and raised in Lemery Batangas, Emman Acasio got a scholarship at the University of Sto. Tomas where he received his BFA in 2005, Cum Laude. He was also the recipient of the Outstanding Thesis of the Year with his book illustration which tackled the distinct personality of each of the 17 regions of the Philippines.

He worked full-time in Singapore as an Art Director but has always found time to pursue his passion for the arts, particularly painting. Emman currently resides in Antipolo City, close to the character of his works—nature.

Emman’s primary influence is his father, Lino Acasio, who has also made a mark in the industry with his signature landscape paintings. Similarly, their works boast of having immense attention to detail and the ability to capture the local colors of the province. However, Emman gives his works a modern spin by depicting magnified details of still life, transformed into a “mythical island” and frequently housed with mostly anthropomorphized and evolved animals. Thus, Emman’s fictional landscapes may be reminiscent of childlike fantasies and dioramic scenarios, a world of alternate reality where fish fly and birds swim.

Emman adds a more personal touch to his works by including an alien-like representation of himself which he calls “Emanoids”. Both cartoonish and playful, Emmanoids depict Emman being part of the world he created. Emman also opts to discipline himself to paint only those that are organic, therefore eliminating anything that is man-made.

With themes varying from everyday situations, literature, and sometimes even social issues, Emman frequently features endangered animals in the Philippines like the pawikan and tarsier to promote their cause, and more importantly as a sign of his global climate change advocacy. This lush utopia urges us to look closer and explore an isolated mythical landscape, invoking within us both our privilege and responsibility as stewards of God’s creation.

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