With over two decades of experience, Manix Abrera (b. 1982) has become a household name. His humorous and often satirical comics has been published across multiple publishers and platforms, garnering attention from art and comics enthusiasts to common folk alike. Working primarily as a cartoonist for a famous broadsheet at present, Abrera began his career in the University of the Philippines Diliman as a Fine Arts student, and as an illustrator, and later as the graphics editor, for the university’s student publication, the Philippine Collegian.

Upon graduating, Abrera has worked for different newspapers and publishers as a cartoonist and illustrator. In 2005, the first volume of his comic series Kikomachinekomix was released. For this work, Abrera has received multiple recognitions, bagging the Best Graphic Novel in Filipino award twice in the Filipino Reader’s Choice Awards. Aside from this, Abrera has also authored other books, including Hukbong Sandatahan ng Kahaggardan! (2015).

A gifted visual artist who developed his own style at the early stage of his career, his oeuvre is mostly personal. Considering himself as a child of the universe, Abrera nurtures his own understanding of the world through his art. It is no wonder, then, how much wit and insight he can pack in every panel of his comics.

Apart from being a comics writer, Abrera is also an exhibiting artist, having successfully mounted four solo exhibitions. He has also actively participated in group shows in the country and abroad.