The “new normal” is the world’s constant reminder of change, whether they be good or bad. The idea of the conventional lifestyles, regulations that consume our system, and beliefs that govern our ways of life, are mere spaces that we remodel to adapt to what has to be. And these changes come in gradual transitions. They warn us of an imminent change.

This current pandemic, however, avoided forecast and plagued the world before it can even see a transition coming.

And more ways than one, art created a way to journal the steep border between the old and the new normal.

In light of this, Galerie Stephanie presents works that divulge into this small period of shifting through an online exhibit called “Adaptations”. Featured here are the works of Emman Acasio, Roby Dwi Antono, Nunzio Paci, Imam Santoso, and Jone Sibugan, where they present nature in its unnatural form, reminiscent of a world caught in mid-transformation. Their subjects revolve on various living beings evolving into their states of survival. “Adaptations” gives a glimpse of society’s bearings, doubts, and fears of this sudden global pandemic through subjects of familiar peculiarity, and welcomes the possibility of a thousand “new normals” that have yet to come.

notes by Grace Micah Oreiro


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