The art of drawing on paper is a very powerful medium of expression because it is so accessible.

Its reduction of visual art to its most fundamental nature reveals an artist’s innate skills in a way that is pure and clean. And by limiting the usage of a range of color, an artist can do away with an unfocused distraction and instead bring the figure or subject forward for examination. Drawing is a highly technical art form, and thus only very the very sophisticated are able to distinguish themselves in it. From a collectors point of view, drawings are also compact and flexible. Their smaller sizes means they can fit in any part of a room or office, while curating them into a series on larger walls means they can be permuted into a variety of temperaments.

Drawing is used to express an artist’s range and imagination. Therefore, its practice has been prominent in the history of art–often regarded as the foundation for artistic practice. In recognition of its prominence, Galerie Stephanie in Libis has arranged a special exhibition of drawings culled from its collection from some of the most important artists. The drawings, on paper and in a variety of media – including ink, acrylic, graphite, and charcoal – showcase the immense talents of their artists–which include a smattering of Modernist Masters alongside the leading lights in contemporary visual art.

On display at this show, “Fundamentals: Drawings from Modernist and Contemporary Masters,” will be drawings from Masters such as Presidential Medal of Merit Awardee Juvenal Sanso, National Artists BenCab and Federico Aguilar Alcuaz, and renowned contemporary artists such as Ronald Ventura, and Andres Barrioquinto. Joining these artists are other Modernists such as Angelito Antonio, Raul Lebajo, and Mauro “Malang” Santos, along with contemporary artists Rom Villaseran, Francis Nacion, Vincent de Pio, Aileen Lanuza, Carlo Ongchangco, Kara Villaseran, and Jessie Mondares. The exhibition showcases another side of these artists in one-of-a-kind works that demonstrates their immense talent, skill, and range.

The exhibition opens on April 25 at Galerie Stephanie in Libis. Galerie Stephanie is located at Unit 1B, Parc Plaza Bldg,183 E.Rodriguez Jr. Ave, Libis, Quezon City. They may be reached through their landline at (632) 709-1488 or email at Please visit their website at

The exhibition is packed with works from powerhouse figures from the art community. Leading the charge are fantastic landscape drawings from Juvenal Sanso. The Presidential Medal of Merit Awardee is one of the country’s most lauded artists. Known for his landscapes, he creates some magnificent drawings on paper reminiscent of the many summers he’d spend on the coast of Brittany in France. National Artist Federico Aguilar Alcuaz takes a different approach, and his drawings on display are portraits that recall his larger oil canvases.

The contemporary artists, on the other hand, reflect upon the myriad of influences that have directed their respective practices. Rom Villaseran, for instance, uses fantasy landscapes to create epic and sweeping drawings of visionary proportions. Vincent de Pio, on the other hand, uses the culture of Japan and combines them with pop culture tropes to create thought-provoking interludes. Of course, the likes of Ronald Ventura and Andres Barrioquinto also bring their distinguished practices in works that demonstrate why they’ve become the most sought-after contemporary artists in auctions abroad. Other artists, such as Frances Nacion and Carlo Ongchangco, have been gaining traction in their individual endeavours and this exhibition gives the public a chance to admire an undiluted aspect of their careers.

The raison d’être of the exhibit is to underscore the importance of drawing to artistic production and to highlight its unique qualities. Ultimately, drawing bears the very core of an artist–and this exhibition draw attention to the fundamental aspects of the nation’s top artists. It should be on the to-do list of anyone interested in Philippine visual art.