In POP SHOP, contemporary artists Aileen Lanuza, Vince de Pio and Reybert Ramos portray the nature of pop culture via the setup of a “boutique” that creates products and ideas that aim to replicate itself. Similar to brands that expand through branches and retail stores, pop culture seeps into the grain of our daily lives masquerading as essentials for social belongingness and cultural normativity.

Representing this in exhibition will be a selection of hand-painted vinyl records that hint at both the iconography of the images on the item as well as the influence of the music industry. We will also have sets of ornately painted origami pieces that meld Japanese culture into both a physical representation and two-dimensional illustrations. Last but not the least, we have a collection of canine personified portraits that signifies the attempt of man to encapsulate the world into his understanding.

Visit POP SHOP at Booth D6, Hall B at the Sheraton Grand Jakarta, Gandaria City Hotel from August 5-7. For inquiries, e-mail us at