Born in Bologna, Italy, Nunzio Paci (b.1977) exposes human flesh through anatomically accurate renderings in oil and graphite. His paintings of men, young and old, are reminiscent of illustrations found in Renaissance anatomy books. His portrayals of muscles, bones, and various internal organs spark with life as he strategically colors them in earthy tones using oil paint amidst the gray-scale graphite skin tone. Nunzio further utilizes graphite to interweave other organic elements in the human body. These innards are often roots of outstretched tree branches that are further homes of perched birds, flowers, and human hands. These delineations create a poetic resource of interconnections between man and nature. This is apt for Nunzio yearns to discover the countless possibilities life offers while “[searching for] a balance between reality and imagination.”

Nunzio’s incredible mastery of the detailed has acclaimed him various solo shows throughout Europe, and multiple group shows all over the world. With five residencies and grants since 2009, exposing his works in Denmark, China, Sweden, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, his recent residency in the Philippines under Galerie Stephanie would further shape his philosophies of human connections. Nunzio has likewise contributed in the academe by sharing his works to be published on art volumes and anatomy books.

Powered with a distinct flair for a perfect merge of classic skill and contemporary outlook, Nunzio invigorates his audience with the inner workings of man—both symbolically and literally. This somehow encapsulates the humankind’s purpose in nature and congruently depicts—in more ways than one—how unified these characters are.